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Some of our best services to solve your problems

Web promotion services

  1. Comic promotion

    Unlike words required to be read and analyzed, eye-catching images can be imprinted in customers’ mind. Messages can therefore easily convey to customer. Besides, magna could avoid in providing hard-sell commercial messages, which are unwelcome and unwanted by customers.

  2. Social media management

    The core goal is to spread your commercial message throughout various social media, build up and maintain relationship with customers. Fan Page of social media account could also act as online shop to provide extra selling channel. Unlike traditional advertisement, social media accounts promoting yourself rather than products or services itself. If social media accounts are well-managed, customers’ confident and loyalty to you are expanded to your products or services.

  3. KOL (Key Opinion Leader) promotion

    Using KOL promotion can easily expand your exposure to reach potential customer. It’s unique sharing style can deliver the message behind your products and services in a vivid and unique way to draw the attention of your potential customer. You are able to shorten your interpersonal distance to a particular community, increase the chance of success sale.

  4. Media production

    An appropriate media production (photography, video production, graphic design, trademark design, name card design) offer large effect of promotion. We offer one-stop services from story creation, design, graphic handling, photo-taking etc. Our specialist team of designer and web artist are follow up throughout the process. You can have your own promotion media without paying heavy efforts.

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Program Development

  1. Mobile Apps development

    A mobile apps enable customers use company’s services on web and understand the related products or business. This can indirectly build up relationship with customers.

  2. Website development

    A well-established website delivers a positive and professional image. Adequate information in it enables others understand you and your product, which can assure their confident to buy. Personalized services offer via the website is conducive to build up trust and close relationship with customers.

  3. Block chain system development

    Using block chain system enables the expansion of your business. For example, establish cryptocurrency system to expand your business (e.g. setup a movie database, for which customer gets a particular amount of cryptocurrencies via purchasing goods or services, or uploading movies. They can use the cryptocurrencies to download movie from the database, which are exchangeable among customers. This can therefore indirectly encourage their consumption.), using smart contract run by DApp avoids default for both parties (e.g. increase customers’ confident via connecting cryptocurrency account to avoid default of seller.). Block chain technology expand your business beyond limit. Contact us if you wish to understand more.

  4. WeChat mini program development

    Have you ever use WeChat? The mini program in Wechat is the most effective tool to create income. Based on your business needs, we develop various kinds of mini program (e.g. photo editing, file management, entertainment, mini game, investment) to entice the users’ interest. The program also servers the function of online shop platform for sales or promotion purpose.

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E-commerce technology

  1. Retail / Catering Point of Sale System (POS)

    Retail / Catering business process significant quantity and types of inventory, and number of transaction. Using computerized system to manage inventory saves large amount of manpower to deal with routine work and avoid human error. Real time updated of data from ordering, inventory movement to payment avoid information delay and error. Owner and staffs are able to understand the operation through the screen to make timely decision

  2. Smart vending machine

    Smart vending machine operates at small space at 24 hours automatically. Setup smart vending machine removes the limitation of spaces, time and manpower, saves resources for operating a real physical shop. Devices in machine monitors information (e.g. inventory quantity, the expiry date of products) and report timely any abnormal situation. Owner is able to amend the information (e.g. price, description) through remote control from mobile phone to save time from managing the machine. Smart vending machine also performs promotion function via uploading advertisement video to screen, or lent out the screen for extra income.

  3. AI shop (No man shop) system

    A system comprises of devices of scanner, identity verification, payment system, CCTV transform the traditional sale work into self-help services. Real time updated of records from ordering, inventory movement to payment saves significant manpower and management resources. Big data accumulated from related customers and sales record serves as future marketing purpose.

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